USRN Nursing Jobs in BPO 2015

USRN Nursing Jobs in BPO are growing every year and many Companies are now offering jobs for USRN and NCLEX Passer.

Two benefits offered by BPO companies are FREE endorsement of inactive license so USRN can use their US license working in BPO and also FREE NCLEX for Local Nurse to attract nurses to work in their company.

Supply and demand are opposite for employers in BPO and hospitals in Philippines, resulting for nurses to shift their career in BPO Healthcare Accounts.

There is a high demand of nurses (USRN/ NCLEX Passer) in BPO and Companies are willing to offer high salary that is comparable to salary in Middle East.


If I can assist you in getting higher salary and a job as USRN in BPO Healthcare Account in just 1 day. Would there be any reason why you wouldn’t know about it?

As a USRN considering to work in BPO (Healthcare Account) I know you have lots of questions?

As a USRN myself who have the experience working in the industry –  I have answers.

I assisted USRN’s  to get a job in the company where I work at (I work in EXL, located in Mall of Asia, Pasay) and I can assist you too.


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You have nothing to lose.


To help you decide –

BPO Hospital
Demand high low
Salary High low
Performance Incentive yes, every month no or little amount
workload lax, moderate, hard hard, overwork
(Depends on the account)
Management treated fairly abuse
Overtime Paid every second no, others are paid
Available Jobs lots, you have companies to chose from you don’t have flexibility to jump from hospitals to hospitals if you’re not happy
mostly volunteer
Schedule Nightshift rotating schedule
Hiring process 1 day training first (nurse will pay), couple of months
Support in times on calamity FREE hotel and food none
Other perks FREE movie every quarter FREE food from the Doctor


USRN in BPO is one of the best option if you want to get a job right away and to get a higher salary.

On the other hand, If you have plans of working abroad and needs clinical experience, hospital is a better option.


What you will get if hired?

1. FREE hotel accommodation and food in time of calamity.

2. Endorsement of USRN license to different state – $300

3. 30k plus Salary per month

4. Performance Incentive ranging 8k, 6k and 3k (once regular). Least that you will get is 3k.

5. Healthcare card – value of P250k per year plus dependents.

6. FREE movie every quarter.

7. EXL has program called “Preceptorship Program” – you can duty in hospital every weekend, its FREE

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