The Most Recent Offer for US licensed Nurse;

30-38k/mo salary

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What will you get once hired

  • Performance Incentive (per month) - ranging 4k, 6k and 8k
  • "STAR Program" (like loyalty program) - receive 20k in your 1st year, 30k in second year and 60k in your third year, 80k in your 4th year and beyond
  • Work in US Health Insurance account
  • Health insurance worth 250k/year plus dependent
  • Preceptorship program - duty in Manila Doctors twice/month *Need to apply*
  • Sat-Sun off (mostly)
  • Company will shoulder & process the expenses in renewal/ endorsement of NCLEX license.
  • Location of work is in Pasay near Mall Of Asia
  • Company is EXL

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1. Most of the "USRN offer" will be available to employees first.

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2.  You will get "coaching" and "assistance" to save you hassle and time.

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