November 26, 2013

Learn more about Call Center  jobs and be hired  


Call Center or BPO (Business Process  Outsourcing) is one of the most popular job in Philippines.

It’s a way for International companies to lower down the cost by outsourcing the task to a country where manpower cost is lower to countries like Philippines and India.

Clients are mostly international but there’s also local call center jobs.

Philippines is popular in BPO industry mainly because Filipinos speaks fluently.

Call Center job description and Types of Accounts can be voice account and non-voice. A voice account consists of task that involves inbound call (you will receive call) and outbound call (outgoing call). On the other hand, Email and efax are popular for non-voice / back office.

Most of clients are Australian and Americans.

Almost all of the job that require telephone conversation has been outsource to Philippines.

Jobs in call center varies depends on the company, there’s telecommunication, e-commerce, financial, healthcare and many more. Many call center companies handle customer service jobs (call center representative or customer service representative) and technical support.

Some companies offer part time call center jobs for students, others offer call center jobs for high school graduates but mostly for college graduate.

Qualifications in call center are English Proficiency, typing, critical thinking, computer skills, dealing with people, listening skills and work under pressure.

Due to most clients are from US and UK, most of the time you will work in night shift / graveyard shift except for Australian Accounts.

Less traffic is one of the advantages working in night shift schedule.


Reasons to work in call center are:

  1. No OTY (Thank you for overtime )
  2. Performance Incentive
  3. Less paperwork , more on computer
  4. Healthcare benefits
  5. I can say, well paid (compared to others )


Tips in getting work in call center

  1. If you are not proficient in speaking English- PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, you can enrol in TESDA for call center training, or avail the training by recruitment firm that refer agents to call center companies.
  2. Practice typing, you can practice in http://www.typingtest.com/, it’s FREE

You can do this 30 minutes everyday

  1. be a computer literate
  2. Search forums for information like type of test, sample questions on an interview and you will also find people that is willing to help.
  3. When applying, get all the call center company in an area so that you can jump from one company to another.


Learn more about Call Center: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_centre

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