USRN Hiring

USRN is a nurse who passed the NCLEX examination and registered to practice in US.

Because of the retrogression in US , Release and hiring of USRN slowed down and resulted to abandonment of US employer to their nurse applicant.

Healthcare Insurance accounts started to outsource jobs in Philippines and resulted to jobs for nurses in BPO.

Many BPO companies are now adding healthcare accounts in their line of business.

One of the opportunities that is currently trending to nurses and USRN’s are work in call center or BPO for Healthcare account.

Works is all about Health Insurance in US, can be claims, utilization review or management, workers compensation and many more.

Many BPO companies are now hiring nurses and USRN.

Me, personally is in the BPO industry as Nurse Associate in a USRN Account.

Salary can go up comparable (or higher) to entry level nurses in Middle East.


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Why I like working in call center (healthcare account) than in hospital:

1. Demand is high and supply is short in call center for USRN versus low demand in hospital and high supply.

Because of that, you can huggle with the salary (do this if you have experience).

You have companies to choose from in terms of salary, benefits. location and culture.

2. PAID Over time versus OTY (Overtime Thank you)

2-3 hours overtime in hospital sucks.

3. Performance incentive in call center , I don’t with hospital.

You have metrics to follow that measures your performance.

4. You’re not wasting time in call center.

You will go to work on time and leave on time.

5. Night shift vs changing shift (hospital)

I like night shift because no traffic at night.

6.  Other companies offer FREE NCLEX and NCLEX review ( I know EXL offer FREE NCLEX), so , if you are a nurse, it’s a way for you to increase your salary.

7. Working on computer vs paper (hospital).

8. Call center offers renewal and endorsement of  USRN license. ( I only know EXL, I don’t know with others)

9. Salary in call center for nurse is 20,000 Plus (plus incentive) and USRN nurse is 30,000 Plus (plus incentive).

10. FREE Hotel accommodation when there’s a typhoon with food.


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